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Singhania & Co. LLP has published a large number of resources as part of our efforts to share knowledge with rest of the world. You can find some of our publications here

Singhania & Co wins permission for Ambedkar House in London to operate as Museum

 Singhania & Co had dealt with the appeals process for the Indian High Commission in London for getting permission for Ambedkar House in London to operate as a museum and I am glad to let you all know that local authorities in north London have formally cleared the operation of Ambedkar House as a museum in honour of the architect of the Indian Constitution, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Foreign Investment in India: Opening of Pension Sector

The Indian government in continuation of its economic reforms decision has proposed the foreign direct investment ("FDI") to the extent of 49% in insurance sector1 besides opening the pension sector2 for FDI on par with the insurance sector. The Bills to implement these decisions will be moved in the next (winter) session of the Parliament

Indian Arbitration Act : A new regime begins

The five members constitutional bench of the Indian supreme court ("Apex Court") in 'Bharat Aluminum Co. Vs. Kaiser Aluminium Technical Service Inc.1' after reconsidering its various previous decisions on the Indian Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996 ("Indian Arbitration Act") concluded that the Indian Arbitration Act should be interpreted in a manner to give effect to the intent of Indian Parliament.

Business travel to India on a short notice? Get your urgent business visa

If you are an individual or a company who is engaged in a business relationship with India and need to travel to India, you will need a visa to travel if you are not an Indian resident. Normally a visa could take a few days but if due to some urgent business, you need to travel to India on a short notice, it is now possible since last year to get a business visa from the Indian embassy in a day's time.

Investing in India : Get your PAN card

If you have any existing or future commercial interest in India in terms of financial investments,economic transactions, assets and properties, or any future financial transactions, it's time you you work towards getting a PAN card from the Indian income tax authorities.

FDI : A satanic conspiracy or a divine gift

India has had a charm in the eyes of foreign hunters of fortune since the ancient times. Even a long time before sir Thomas roe gained business privileges from shah jahan, India had been trading with different countries of Asia and Africa by land routes or sea ones

India: The changing face of legislation

CONTRARY TO GENERAL BELIEF, INDIAN legislation is not archaic, stubborn and hostile. Sweeping reforms are changing the face of legislation, the judiciary and law enforcement authorities. This article seeks to introduce the general reform scenario. 

Indian real estate boom: facts and legislative background

ALTHOUGH EXPERTS ARE WARNING that the real estate sector in Europe has peaked, and that there may now be deflation or collapse, as in the US, the Indian real estate sector is much healthier. Thanks to strong fundamental economic growth, it is expanding, both in terms of volume and return on investment.

Indian defence sector offers investment opportunities

INDIA BELIEVES IN A FOREIGN POLICY that promotes peace and international co-operation. Historians have acknowledged first Indian president Jawaharlal Nehru's policy of nonalignment as an attempt to place India 'beyond and above the rivalries of great powers.' 

News about withdrawal of the UK from EU & impact on UK Corporate Law and Operation of the judicial system during Covid-19

The European Commission has published a notice to
stakeholders dated 3 July 2020 (“Notice”), stating that
after the expiry of the transition period ending on 31
December 2020, EU law will no longer apply to the
UK. The Notice outlines consequences as regards the
implementation and application of EU law in the UK.

Foreign Investment in India: Avenues in multi-Brand Product Retail trading & Indian Airlines

The Indian Government has, after overcoming the political hurdles, taken some crucial and long pending policy reforms decisions in September 2012 to push the economic growth. These reforms include opening more sectors for foreign direct investment ("FDI") especially multi-brand product retail trading and foreign investment in indian airlines by foreign airlines

Food Poisoning

We all love food, preferences may be different. The effects of liberalization are not only visible in the products and services but also may be noticed in different varieties of cuisines available in the country. Some two decades ago, the food which was considered as being available at selected stores has become the fast food prepared by street vendors today. Some of these preparations require such ingredients which have to be stored within specified temperatures and have limited shelf life. 

Hindu Undivided Family: Tool for Tax Planning For Non-Resident Indians

Every Hindu living in the UK, irrespective of whether he holds an Indian, British, US or any other passport and regardless of whether or not he was born in India, is entitled to considerable tax savings through HUF

Strengthen ties with your roots in India through a PIO Card

A PIO card is a type of an identification issued by the Government of India to Indian citizens or their children who have relinquished their citizenships and Indian passports. The Government of India had launched a few years ago, the `PIO card` scheme for the benefit of persons of Indian origin living outside their country for several years and who have relinquished their citizenship and acquired a foreign citizenship.

The economics of transfer pricing and profit shifting in Multinational Companies

The enhancement of scope of trade all around the world, has given rise to issues from commercial, business and tax perspective. This has resulted into increase in transfer of goods tangible as well intangible throughout the world.

Private equity: global money in Indian industry

AS A SEPARATE ASSET CLASS, PRIVATE equity has grown remarkably over the past few years. Private equity funds attract huge amounts of capital from investors, including pension funds, insurance funds, universities, foundations and individuals who are looking for new investment avenues

Indian hospitality: the industry, regulations and incentives

HOSPITALITY IS ONE OF THE OLDEST AND most complex commercial activities in the world. At present, global tourism is growing, thanks to rising levels of income, the thriving aviation industry and developments in the transport sector, such as express motorways and superfast trains, while many countries survive on so-called 'tourist money

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